Phoenix Resourcing Services

Welcome to the PRS online skills test.

We have designed this test as a quick and easy way to assess your competency across a wide range of disciplines. You will either be taking this test remotely or at one of our offices. If you are taking the test with one of our consultants they will decide with you which categories suit your skill and experience. If you are online alone then you can decide which categories suit you.

Once the test starts just work through the multiple choice questions as best as you can, you can skip any questions that you don’t know the answer to but it is best to attempt each question. At the end of the test the results will be emailed to us and a copy will be sent to your email address so you can see how you got on.

Please remember that the test is only one part of our registration process and we never make recruitment and selection decisions based on the test results alone.

Best of luck.

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